Martina Raskaj, Biztique 2023 LinkedIn Consultant #224

My Story

I Help You Design Your Dream Career

My name is Martina and I help ambitious individuals tailor their career to their liking! I teach you how to stand out and get the results you want with a great CV and LinkedIn profile.

I changed 5 jobs in just 8 months, switched careers 2 times and learned from my own experience that having a dream career is possible. Results? Employers reached out to me, I got job offers even without a CV and spontaneously grew a business I love. And you can do it too!

300+ clients

5+ years of experience

Clients get 60% more than expected

My Career, My Choice

When I decided to switch my career a few years back and enter the world of digital marketing, I followed the traditional path. I applied for jobs, went to interviews. In just 8 months, I changed 5 jobs. 5! The final straw was when I got fired from the last one. . I said to myself: “This is the fifth company already, something’s wrong!” I realized that if I want to design a dream career for myself, it’s time to change my approach.

Instead of continuing on the well-trodden path, I started to tailor my own.

How can I show employers who I am and what I have to offer? How can I get them to reach out to me, instead of the other way around? How can I attract employers who need someone just like me? Those were the main questions I asked myself. So, I came up with a video campaign that I called “Searching for my dream employer.” The campaign soon went viral, and emails and messages flooded my inbox. I only had one rule – to go to every single job interview. No judgment! And it worked! I found my dream employer and spent the next 4 years with them.

Today, I run my own business and I don’t have to go looking for clients. They come to me. How? I applied the same principles and way of thinking, but this time I decided to use all the advantages that LinkedIn can offer. I designed a reliable process that brings me new business opportunities in a way that suits me and my aspirations.

And I want the same for you!

What Does Your Dream Career Look Like?

I help my clients learn how to present their advantages and results in a way that brings them just the kind of jobs, bosses and clients they dream of. You really can have a dream career! When you know what you offer, what you’re worth and how to clearly voice it all out – only the sky's the limit. And that’s exactly what I can and wish to teach you.

And the best part?

You get to keep all the knowledge forever.

80% of my clients found a better job in just 2 months. Entrepreneurs who work with me get up to 20x more inquiries and increase their turnover by +250% after just a month of collaboration. Also, their LinkedIn posts’ reach surges up to +200%, while the number of their LinkedIn connections increases by +100%. Read my clients’ reviews if you think it sounds too good to be true.

Now, what will your success story look like? Send me a message and start making a positive change!