Clearly show your offer on your LinkedIn profile (client testimonial)

Martina-Raskaj-Biztique-i-Ivana-Krcivoj 2023
Martina Raskaj, Biztique i Ivana Krcivoj
Martina Raškaj (left) and Ivana Krcivoj (right)

Martina helped me clarify my offer and optimize my LinkedIn profile! Now it’s clear WHAT I’m doing and with WHOM I’m working. She really helped me EXPRESS myself in the BEST possible way!

Ivana Krcivoj, Professional coach

Ivana is a self-employed coach who was struggling with being clear on her offering, who is her target audience, and how to optimize her LinkedIn profile to attract more clients.

Our topics of conversation

While working together we discussed about:

  • who she wants to work with
  • what kind of problems her target group have
  • how she can help her clients
  • which services she offers
  • how to attract her ideal clients and
  • what to write about.

We wraped all of that in an attractive, interesting and simple content on her LinkedIn profile. Now it’s clear what does she offers and with what kind of clients she likes to work with.

LinkedIn profile before and after

Take a look how some parts of Ivana’s LinkedIn profile looked before and how they look after our collaboration. Take a look:

LinkedIn Header (background photo and Headline)

LinkedIn profile Header_before- Ivana Krcivoj
Ivana’s LinkedIn Header – before
LinkedIn profile Header_after- Ivana Krcivoj
Ivana’s LinkedIn Header – after

Now it’s very clear everything about her business – she is communicating how she can help – to what kind of people – and in what particular way.

LinkedIn About

LinkedIn profile About_before- Ivana Krcivoj
Ivana’s LinkedIn About – before
LinkedIn profile About_after- Ivana Krcivoj
Ivana’s LinkedIn About – after

Ivana’s potential clinets can now read her story in About section, see that she was once in their situation and now she can help them like she helped herself. She listed her coaching programs and all the details about them, and how potential client can contact her.

It’s very important to have call to action and always remind our target group to contact us.

LinkedIn Experience

LinkedIn profile Experience_before- Ivana Krcivoj
Ivana’s Experience – before
LinkedIn profile Experience_after- Ivana Krcivoj
Ivana’s Experience – after

Ivana listed in her Experience what is she exactly doing, names of her coaching programs. She even attached her brochure where her potential clients can find out more about the programs and wrote how they can contact her.

Ivana now really LOVES her new LinkedIn profile – take a look at it here.

Client Interview Testimonial

Ivana and I finally met in person after working online and spontaneously recorded a video about our collaboration:

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