Stand Out as an Ideal Candidate with a Great Motivation Letter

Are you bad at writing? You’re not sure what to put in a motivation letter and you send the same version to everyone? If that’s the case, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to catch a potential employer’s attention! A motivation letter is an additional chance for you to showcase your experience, knowledge and skills that can attract the employer you want to work for. That's why it pays off to invest your time and effort into it!

Your motivation and desire to do a certain job can sometimes overpower someone else’s experience. Especially if you know how to express it loudly and clearly. This motivation letter writing service will help you do just that! Once you know how to approach it, writing will no longer feel tiresome. Many of my clients landed a job because of a great motivation letter that impressed their new employer!

I’ll teach you how to write a great motivation letter that will increase your odds at getting a job interview. I DO NOT write it for you. I give you all the tips and guidance you need to make your motivation letter better and in sync with what your potential employer is looking for. You’ll also get a template that will help you with all the future motivation letter writing. You may even learn to write motivation letters better than CVs – it happened to some of my clients!

I’ve worked with almost all industries. Some of them are: sales, IT, human resources, project management, marketing, administration, electrical engineering, economy, accounting, PR, logistics, health care, education, tourism etc.

I mostly work with clients from Croatia, but also from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European Union (Belgium, Netherlands, France, Austria, Malta…) and the world (Oman, Singapore, Malesia…).

To begin with, you need to find a job ad you want to apply for. It will serve us as an example for our work. After that, I’ll send you a template – you’ll use it to write the first draft of your motivation letter and then send it to me for a review. I’ll give you some advice on how you can make it a better fit for the chosen ad. We repeat this step until we’re both satisfied with the final version. I can mentor you for just a single job ad or until you land a new job, but that will depend on the CV/resume writing service package you choose to purchase.

You can have a brand new motivation letter in 2 days, but the time it takes also depends on you, i.e. how soon you can make suggested adjustments. You can get my advice in as little as an hour. You can get my advice in as little as an hour.

I can help you write motivation letters in English and Croatian.

Don’t worry! You’ll get a template. You can use it to write the first draft of your motivation letter and then send it to me for a review. If you get stuck, I’ll give you plenty of concrete examples of sentences you can use.

Yes, I can help you with CV/resume writing too! Read more here