Siniša Martinčević, Channel Partnership & Alliances

My CV became one of the best in the industry!

What Martina did is absolutely incredible! My resume got a brand new look and became one of the best in the industry.

Companies like WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook recognized me and my life completely changed! Martina opened my eyes about me needing to define my employment priorities and personal branding. She’s full of ideas, understands the client’s situation and brings enviable results.

Jasenka Vucetic

Jasenka Vučetić, HR & Employer Branding Specialist

Martina was amazing - she led me through the whole process step by step, and the end result was above all expectations!

When it came to writing a CV, I had a lot of doubts about how to present my varied career path in 3 different countries in a short and clear manner, without confusing the reader. My CV had already been checked by other professionals, so it was difficult to see what could be better. Oh, but it certainly could!

Martina was amazing – she led me through the process step by step and was always available for any additional explanations. She also recommended a great photographer for a professional photo, so the end result was above all expectations!

I got the job I wanted in just a few months after our collaboration, and I got to pick among several great offers. I got comments from my human resources colleagues, like: “Wow, this girl is brutal!“, and my new manager told me that she thought I’d be too expensive when she saw my CV.. 😀

I recommend working with Martina from the bottom of my heart to anyone who is serious about their personal brand and wants to progress on their professional journey! 🙂

Luka Kobeščak, MS Office educator and author of Excel in Business

In just a month, I expanded my business on LinkedIn!

I didn’t really use LinkedIn before working with Martina, but she revealed all the benefits to me and I didn’t regret hiring her as my consultant.

Now I have an excellent profile that attracts my potential clients who follow my content. After just a month of consultations about what and how to write on LinkedIn, I made 7 new deals, the number of my connections increased by more than 100%, and my post reach grew more than 200%.

Morana Kosanovic

Morana Kosanović, Call center manager

After working with Martina, I literally enjoy writing each new motivation letter!

Before working with Martina, I thought about motivation letters as unnecessary and dull documents. I was drenched in sweat every time I had to write one, and I’d get more nervous than before an interview. But, with her approach, Martina changed my mind for a full 180 degree turn. Now, I literally enjoy writing each new motivation letter while playing with all the ways I could fit in a company’s criteria and show my personality.