Get Practical Advice to Instantly Level Up Your Business or Job Search

Job search / business webinars and workshops are a great opportunity to learn how to write an impressive CV, motivation letter and a LinkedIn profile, but also how to prepare for a job interview. After more than 2 years of experience, workshop participants like to point out that they got more than expected! And because quality is always a priority, we work in smaller groups in a casual and interactive atmosphere.

Read moreabout an attendee who found a job she loves thanks to the workshop!

I currently offer the following job search webinars/workshops:

  • Find a better job! – for unemployed, as well as those who are employed but wish to find a better job in a faster and simpler ways

  • LinkedIn profile optimization for job seekers – for everyone who’s job-hunting and wishes to have a high-quality, optimized LinkedIn profile to get noticed more easily

  • LinkedIn profile optimization to get more clients – for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, self-employed, service providers, coaches, consultants, virtual assistants, translators, lecturers and other business owners who wish to get more clients and use LInkedIn to boost revenue

Job search / business webinars and workshops are for everyone who wants to:

  • Get more job interviews

  • Gain more confidence

  • Learn more about how a successful job-hunt looks like

  • Level up their business on LinkedIn

  • Build a quality personal or business brand on LinkedIn

  • Increase the number of clients and LinkedIn connections

At job search webinars/workshops, you’ll learn:

  • How to start looking for a job

  • How to get organized

  • Where to look for a job

  • Why job ads are so important

  • How to write a high-quality CV/resume

  • How to write a high-quality motivation letter

  • How to efficiently prepare for a job interview

At LinkedIn webinars/workshops, you’ll learn how to:

  • Organize and optimize your LinkedIn profile to attract clients

  • Pick the best type of content for your posts

  • Write great posts that’ll increase your profile’s reach

  • Build your own brand

  • Position yourself as the expert

  • Connect with others and build your own community

  • Define your services and target group. Of course, if it is part of the workshops.

Webinars/workshops consist of a theoretical part, real-life examples and are interactive. I encourage participants to ask questions so they can get the most value.

My approach is largely individual, so the number of participants is limited for each webinar or workshop. This means you’ll have the chance to ask questions and get answers for your particular situation and issues.